Poster Submission

Submission Details

All posters at the conference will be uploaded as 3-5minute videos, which will be made available to delegates prior and during the conference.  Delegates will be able to nominate their top three posters for awards and submit questions. 

Key Points


Your poster must be original work for this NEPG Conference. Posters submitted to previous NEPG Conferences will not be accepted.  


Posters must be in A1 dimensions (841mm x 594mm). They can be in either landscape or portrait orientation.  


Your poster must be readable from a distance of 1m (despite being an online conference we still want to use normal poster requirements). Depending on your choice of font, Arial 24 would be the minimum size of font recommended. 


Posters must be submitted as PPT (Microsoft PowerPoint) or PDF (Adobe Portable Document Format) files. Any other file format will be rejected. 


Your poster must display your name and poster title. 


The poster is intended for a non-specialist audience, you should avoid jargon and technical language where possible. Any technical terms should be explained.  


If your research is supported by colleagues, a Research Council, business or other external funder, you should acknowledge them.