Abstract Submission

Submission Details

The conference audience consists of researchers and academics from a range of universities and research groups. Therefore, we look for abstracts specifically aimed for a non-specialist audience. Please note that if your abstract is deemed incoherent or too technical, you may be contacted by the conference team and asked to make amendments.  You can submit your abstract for a poster or oral presentation.  Posters will be recorded prior to the conference and uploaded online with a live Q&A session; all presentations will be taking place live over zoom. 

Key Points


Your abstract should have an engaging title that attracts non-specialists’ attention


Your abstract should have a clear outline describing the originality and impact of your research


You should use jargon-free language where technical terms are explained clearly wherever possible


Your abstract should not be more than 250 words


Your abstract should fall into one of the research themes showcased at the event:  

  • Aging 
  • Biotechnology and Bioenergy 
  • Cancer 
  • Cell and Molecular Medicine 
  • Data Sciences/ Bioinformatics 
  • Genetics 
  • Immunology 
  • Neuroscience and Mental Health 
  • Physical Activity and Nutrition 
  • Population, Health and Systems Medicine 
  • Veterinary sciences and Animal Welfare


If your abstract is accepted, you will receive an email within two weeks after the deadline with further instructions.