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Our Sponsors

NEPG 2023 would not be possible without the generous support from our sponsors.

Lead Sponsors

The Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council (BBSRC) is a major funder of world-leading bioscience in the UK.

Through our investments, we build and support a vibrant, dynamic and inclusive community which delivers ground-breaking discoveries and develops bio-based solutions that contribute to tackling global challenges, such as sustainable food production, climate change, and healthy ageing.

As part of UK Research and Innovation (UKRI), we not only play a pivotal role in fostering connections that enable the UK’s world-class research and innovation system to flourish – we also have a responsibility to enable the creation of a research culture that is diverse, resilient, and engaged.

BBSRC proudly forges interdisciplinary collaborations where excellent bioscience has a fundamental role. We pioneer approaches that enhance the equality, diversity, and inclusion of talent by investing in people, infrastructure, technologies, and partnerships on a global scale.

At BBSRC, we firmly believe that by promoting an inclusive, diverse, and equitable culture across bioscience research and innovation our community will thrive.

DiMeN is a diverse, interdisciplinary community of researchers across the North of England researching the major health problems facing the world today.

Our partner institutions (Universities of Leeds, Liverpool, Newcastle, York and Sheffield) are internationally recognised as centres of research excellence that can offer you highly specialised expertise from supervisory teams and access to state-of-the-art facilities to deliver high impact research.

We are very proud of our student-centred ethos and committed to supporting you throughout your PhD. As part of the DTP, we offer bespoke training in key skills sought after in early career researchers, as well as opportunities to broaden your career horizons in a range of non-academic sectors. 

Our programme of core training offers four specialist events per year as valuable opportunities to benefit from peer support and build a professional network with our community of DiMeN researchers.

Tier 1 Sponsors

Starlab are liquid handling experts, with many years’ experience in automated injection moulding processes for the manufacture and sale of high quality laboratory consumables for research and development. With TipOne® we have developed one of the world’s leading pipette tip systems. Quality, price and service are Starlab’s core principles

Cancer Research Horizons is the innovation arm of Cancer Research UK (CRUK), the largest charitable funder of cancer research in the world. Established for just over 20 years, CRUK has built a world-class network of 4,000 exceptional researchers and funds £300+ million of world-class research each year, resulting in bold ideas that have the potential to change the way we prevent, diagnose and treat cancer.

Made up of commercial partnership and therapeutic innovation capabilities, Cancer Research Horizons is uniquely placed to support research translation. It supports translational funding, supports researchers to undertake entrepreneurial development, it leads on licensing, collaboration and spinout creation, and it offers a full spectrum of drug discovery and clinical development capabilities. To date, we’ve played an instrumental role in forming over 60 spin-out companies and have helped to bring 11 cancer drugs to market, which has enabled in excess of 6 million courses of treatment for cancer patients across the world.

Every penny we make goes back into funding the next bold steps, to help bring forward the day when all cancers are conquered.

Tier 2 Sponsors

Proteintech is a leading manufacturer of antibodies, immunoassays, proteins and Nanobodies.

Proteintech’s comprehensive library of original validation data, product-specific protocols, and 200,000+ product citations enables you to publish faster with reproducible results.

Overview of the Proteintech product range:
• Antibodies against 13,000+ human targets. Trial size versions available.
• Immunoassay kits
• RUO and GMP grade HumanKine cytokines and growth factors
• ChromoTek Nanobody-based reagents
• Supporting tools and reagents

All products are in stock and available for next day delivery.


PCR Biosystems was founded in 2012 by two PCR experts who believed scientists deserved better performance and value from their PCR products. We wanted to do things differently.We’ve developed a range of PCR reagents that maximise yield and sensitivity from the simplest to most challenging of reactions. On average, our products out­perform every competitor in terms of yield, specificity, sensitivity and speed. So your reactions have the best chance of working the way you want, first time.

The service we provide really matters to us too. We want to make sure you’re getting the most from our products, so our R&D team spend part of their working week responding to enquiries. It means that people contacting us with technical queries don’t just get expert advice – they’re often talking to the scientist who helped develop the reagent in the first place. It might help explain why our customers say we’re one of their favourite PCR companies to purchase reagents from. 

New England Biolabs (NEB) is renowned for service excellence and exceptional product quality. NEB manufactures molecular biology reagents and is an industry leader in the supply of restriction enzymes, polymerases, modifying enzymes and DNA ladders. The NEB offering includes E.coli expression systems, competent cells, reagents for PCR, qPCR, nucleic acid purification, synthetic biology, glycobiology, epigenetics, in vitro transcription (IVT), RNA analysis and sample preparation for next generation sequencing.

NEB is focused on strengthening alliances that enable our innovations in enzymology to be used in new technologies for today’s biotechnology discovery and development processes, including molecular diagnostics development.

Bio Molecular Systems (BMS) are a leading manufacturer of laboratory instrumentation. Famous for high quality and ease of use, recognised by the red paint and compact design.

Mic is our compact, portable and maintenance-free qPCR cycler. It boasts ultra-fast, highly accurate and sensitive qPCR on up to 4 channels for a wide range of applications.

Myra is our flexible, modular liquid handling system with easy camera-assisted calibration, UV decontamination and HEPA filter. Use the built-in modes with a few simple clicks or control every parameter with Python-based scripting, the choice is yours. Applicable to any small-volume pipetting from serial dilutions to NGS library prep.


Coastal Writing Retreats aims to provide protected time and space for writers to make progress on their projects away from work and other distractions.

Our structured writing retreats are delivered in small groups (5-10 writers) and are for those who want to try a different and more successful way to achieve and celebrate their writing goals.  Writing retreats follow Rowena Murray’s approach to social writing.  We pride ourselves on offering a supportive environment to help your progress.  We take care of refreshments and lunch and provide structure to your day, so all you have to do is concentrate on your writing.  You will also go away with some helpful tools to support your writing beyond the retreat.  Our coastal locations have been chosen to offer you a dose of inspiration and a mental break, giving your ‘writing brain’ some room to “breathe”. Our events are held in easily accessible locations by public transport and have parking facilities.   We also run online webinars to help writers with some key tips and opportunities to reflect on their writing behaviours. 

Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc. is the world leader in serving science. Our Mission is to enable our customers to make the world healthier, cleaner and safer. Whether our customers are accelerating life sciences research, solving complex analytical challenges, increasing productivity in their laboratories, improving patient health through diagnostics or the development and manufacture of life-changing therapies, we are here to support them.

Special Guests


Bionow is a not for profit business membership organisation providing a range of support and services to well over 300 businesses and universities across the north of England and beyond, all active in the Biomedical/Life Sciences space.  We do this via our networking events, social media and conferences bringing academia, clinicians and business together. Maveembers in the network can be found in the membership directory on the Bionow website, along with news from the network and also jobs.

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