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Meet the lovely people organizing this year's conference.

Social Media and Visual Design

Hi! I’m Diya Bhattacharya, a first-year PhD student from Queen’s University Belfast. My research is about Immunopathogenesis of Age-related Macular Degeneration (AMD).

Finance, Charity and Sponsors Liaison

Hello I’m Shun, a first year PhD student at Newcastle University. My research is focused on studying the clonal evolution of Burkitt Lymphoma. Nice to meet you!

Committee Lead

Hi, I am Livia, a third year PhD student in NUBI at Newcastle University. I am interested in the epithelial cellular physiology related to Cystic Fibrosis. My PhD project focuses on restoring airway function in CF by using alternative chloride channels. In my spare time, I love watching TV series, reading fantasy novels, and doing CrossFit.

Social Media and Keynote Speakers Liaison

Hi, I’m Nafisa, a Public Health PhD student from Newcastle University. My research is a mixed study investigating perinatal mental health in South Asia.

Committee Lead

Hi I’m Arwa – currently in my first year doing my PhD in Public health! My topic is around managing childhood stress. In my spare time, I love to paint, watch anything marvel related and go on hikes whenever I can!


Hi, I’m Robyn (she/her), a second year PhD student at the University of Liverpool. I work within the Centre for Drug Safety Science, where I am investigating the role of mitochondrial genetics on individual susceptibility to drug-induced liver injury.


Hi. I’m Moses, a postgraduate researcher in the school of engineering, Newcastle University. My research is on the design of smart materials for controlled drug delivery. Outside studies I enjoy football, love to analyse football matches, a strong supporter of Liverpool football club.

Website & IT

Hi, I’m Atakan, a first year PhD student in Faculty of Medical Sciences. I work in Prof. Matthias Trost’s group and my work is on mass spectrometric analyses of small molecule- and peptide-drug conjugates. Outside of the lab I enjoy hiking, shooting some hoops and playing board games with friends.

Speakers Liaison

Hello Everyone! I’m Mahrukh, a second year PhD student at the University of Sheffield in collaboration with AstraZeneca. I am part of the Discovery Medicine North doctoral training programme. My research is on the role of the IL-33/ST2 pathway in lung innate immunity.

Committee Lead

Hi, I’m Maria, a first year PhD student at Newcastle University. I’m working on developing an integrated human large intestinal model with a mucus bilayer and recapitulated microbiota. When I’m not in the lab, I enjoy being thrashed at board games by my friends.

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The NEPG conference is the largest student led annual biomedical conference in the UK, offering postgraduate students valuable presentation and networking opportunities with their peers.


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