Hub Locations

Here at the NEPG, we pride ourselves on being a highly inclusive event, and in order to keep up with current global events, we can confirm that we have Hub Locations at the following UniversitiesWe hope, that by expanding our physical presence across multiple locations, we can continue to attract postgraduate researchers from a wide selection of universities, as well as improving accessibility for those attending. 


We are in the process of organising this hybrid conference. Therefore, confirmations on locations will follow.


Newcastle upon Tyne NE1 7RU

Newcastle University

Newcastle University is a public research university in Newcastle upon Tyne in the North East of England. The university can trace its origins to a School of Medicine and Surgery, established in 1834, and to the College of Physical Sciencefounded in 1871. The Newcastle colleges merged to form King’s College in 1937. In 1963, following an Act of Parliament, King’s College became the University of Newcastle upon Tyne. The university had around 6,365 postgraduate students in 2018/2019. 

Northumbria University

Northumbria University has its origins in three Newcastle colleges: Rutherford College of Technology, which was established by John Hunter Rutherford in 1880 and opened formally in 1894 by the Duke of York (later King George V), the College of Art & Industrial Design and the Municipal College of Commerce. In 1992, Newcastle Polytechnic was reconstituted as the new University of Northumbria, as part of a nationwide process in which polytechnics became new universities. The university had around 5,750 postgraduate students in 2018/2019.


Newcastle upon Tyne NE1 8QH


Broomhall, Sheffield S10 2TG

Sheffield University

The University of Sheffield is a public research university in Sheffield, South Yorkshire, England. Its history traces back to the foundation of Sheffield Medical School in 1828, Firth College (1879) and Sheffield Technical School (1884). Subsequently, it was named University College Sheffield in 1897 and gained royal charter as University of Sheffield in 1905. The university had around 10,585 postgraduate students in 2018/2019.

Leeds University

The University of Leeds is a public research university in Leeds, West Yorkshire, England. It was established in 1874 as the Yorkshire College of Science. In 1884 it merged with the Leeds School of Medicine (established 1831) and was renamed Yorkshire College. In 1904 a royal charter was granted to the University of Leeds by King Edward VII. The university had around 9,995 postgraduate students in 2018/2019.


Woodhouse, Leeds LS2 9JT