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The North East Postgraduate Conference (NEPG) is a conference built by postgraduate students, for postgraduate students. Whether this is your first conference or you are an experienced presenter, the NEPG provides a supportive environment for postgraduate students to share their biomedical research through oral presentations or posters. As well as an array of student-led talks covering interesting topics within medical and biomedical research, the NEPG also promises exciting keynote speakers, interactive workshop sessions, and a wide range of exhibitors. Due to current COVID-19 restrictions, this year the NEPG will be a virtual event held on the 11th and 12th of November 2021.

Call for Abstracts!

Postgraduate research studentds working on medical, biomedical sciences and related STEM research projects are invited to submit an abstract of maximum 300 words for the NEPG 2021 conference for either oral or poster presentations.
Submission Deadline: September 3rd
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Imposter syndrome amongst postgraduate students is more prevalent than ever, meaning it is vital that we take opportunities to empower both ourselves and others by giving out support and encouragement. Furthermore, the NEPG represents a brilliant opportunity to empower postgraduate
As the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic continues to restrict opportunities to network in-person, we need to create opportunities for postgraduate students to connect with each other, as well as with key field-leaders. The NEPG fosters an inclusive and supportive environment which enables postgraduate students to do just this.
Postgraduate students as a collective have a huge amount of knowledge covering an infinite variety of subjects. Together, we have the power and the ability to innovate and change the world.

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The NEPG conference is the largest student led annual biomedical conference in the UK, offering postgraduate students valuable presentation and networking opportunities with their peers.


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